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First blog post. First writing session in at least a year – and that was a letter I didn’t end up sending. And it’s Nov. 8, 2016. Election Day. Clinton or Trump. (Or, hopefully…neither receiving the desired 270 electoral votes and the presidential election being thrown to the US House…not holding my breath)

Not quite time to start dinner. Laundry done. Gum stitched, so not working for another day or two since it hurts to talk too much or too animatedly.

Passing the time by listening to Taleed Brown of on The Tom Woods Show (episode 778), playing Tetris on my phone (ooo, I just won!) and constantly hitting refresh at

And. I. Am. Nervous. And feeling a little despair. No matter what happens, we’re screwed. 

Or are we?

In my unending quest of trying to look on the bright side I submit to you, that we aren’t screwed:

Scenario A: Clinton wins. It’s the devil you at least know. And who knows? She could always be impeached! (See? Bright side to everything!)

Scenario B: Trump wins. It’s the devil you don’t know. But he seems easily bored. I think we could distract him with late night twitter fights (the new millennium’s bitch slap battle). We can take turns trolling him. Could be fun.

Scenario C: Neither reaches the required 270 electoral votes, throwing the contest to the US House. ‘Cause if you bring a dog home, you have to clean up after it, got it?

Scenario D: One of the “third party” candidates wins. Okay, you can stop laughing now.

But you know what? It doesn’t really matter so much in the long run. Oh, I mean, I understand about SCOTUS nominations and foreign entanglements and stupid fed policy and how that affects not just me now, but potentially my grandchildren. Got it.

But truthfully, no matter who is president and no matter what shenanigans those who crave power want to pull, I go about my business, largely unscathed by their loathsomeness. Sure, I lose money, time and peace-of-mind to taxation, regulation and threat of confiscation. But look at this way: the money is fiat, I can bitch on facebook about the lost time, thereby wasting more of it, and the vexation is soothed when I consider what and who really matters -- that which is never affected by the outcome of elections:

First of all – family! Even if we disagree, it doesn’t matter. Blood is thicker than a ballot. The oath of a man to elected office is fleeting, but the vows of marriage are before God.

Secondly – friends, associates, colleagues, clients, brothers/sisters in Christ. One of my closest friends is as different from me as can be, politically-speaking; but it doesn’t really matter, since neither Bernie nor Gary are ever ever EVER gonna be our boyfriends.

Lastly -- my country, America -- the beautiful land and its many peoples; resilient and charming – these are the folks I have met in my travels.

You see, all of these are my "neighbor". I am called by my Savior to serve my neighbor, to love my neighbor as myself. I fail spectacularly every day in every way, but my desire and striving to do so, will not cease, with God’s help. This is the Law that I must obey. This is the Law that is often at odds with “the state”. But it supersedes “the state”. Governments rise and fall. But God is above all, before all and will continue to be, when all is done. 

...little morsels about love, laughter and liberty later in life!


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    Anywho! I am now married to the most wonderful man --  who takes me on adventures I always dreamed of. 

    I adhere to the Solas of the reformation and the God-given freedom of man to live productive lives, respecting the lives, liberty and property of others. 

    Oh, and I'm a voice over artist -- and an Audie Award winner. 

    But most of all, I'm an individual who loves my family, my church and all the wonderful gifts God has given.


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