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So much on our collective minds in my household – juggling and coordinating schedules for holiday plans, church events, shopping, cooking – interspersed with long work hours and a flurry of dental and medical appointments – getting in under the wire before deductibles reset.

So I guess that explains why we’ve done some classically silly things this week.

Earlier in the week my husband, son and I sat down for a nice Christmas movie night – The Revenant. Or as I like to call it, Dances With Bears in A Winter Wonderland. And as we’re basking in the glow of Tom Hardy’s demise (oops…SPOILER ALERT) hubby notices the brilliant moonlight streaming in the front door window. He pops his head out and “ahs” at the moon, encouraging my son and myself to step out. It was cold, so I put on shoes and coat. Son just threw a fleece blanket around his shoulders, and shoes on his feet – otherwise in sleep/loungewear. After we stepped out onto the front walk, sock-footed hubby followed…closing the easy-to-lock-yourself-out front door behind him. We ooh-ed and ahh-ed and turned back to the house. And that’s when hubby realized he’d locked us all out. Three adults, locking themselves out of the house. All at the same time. Epic.

Every door was locked. Every car was locked. Every car key was in the locked house. Oh, with all our cell phones. The garage was locked. Fortunately, hubby DID get us a way to open the garage door via keypad we could access (he's actually quite a clever man), and he had coats and shoes for himself in there along with a spare key to his fun car. He drove that to his daughter’s, who has a spare key to the house. While he was gone, boy man and myself ate all the mini-Oreos from hubby’s work van. Serves him right.

But I had an episode of mental pause myself today: So I'm looking for my cell phone today...not in my purse. Not in the car seat. Went back in the doctor's office, scanning the sidewalk and parking area on the way. Looked in the doctor's office. Poor office manager must have rung my phone 12 times...and we could hear it! Very faintly ringing...searched my purse again, my coat pockets...where is that ringing? Walked all over the office. Bumfuzzled, I put my hands on my hips...and that's when I felt cellphone in my back pocket, chiming tones muffled only by my huge coat...and my huge butt. Ain’t life grand?

Tis the season to be frazzled! But what a way to go – hapless, haphazard and happy! Merry Christmas, friend!



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